Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017

Goal One:

To advocate for and support the implementation of the UNCRPD through the National Disability Policy and Plan of Action 2008 – 2015.

Activity Areas: Indicators Time Frame
a.    Advocate for designated, specific Disability Desk Officers within each province ·      Each province employs a Disability Desk Officer 2015
b.    Advocate for establishment of a National Disability Council of provincial Disability Desk Officers ·      National Disability Council of Disability Desk Officers exists, and meets regularly 2015 – 2017
c.     Advocate for provincial disability councils in each province ·      Disability councils exist in each province 2017
d.    Monitor implementation of the National Disability Policy ·      Assessment report produced and disseminated at end date of National Disability Policy 2015
e.    Submit shadow UNCRPD reports ·      Shadow UNCRPD reports produced and disseminated 2014
f.      Advocate for the inclusion of disability within anti-discrimination law ·      Disability included in anti-discrimination legislation
g.    Advocate for legislation to end discrimination against women and girls with disability. ·      Legislation to protect and advance the rights of women and girls with disability exists.
h.    Actively engage in implementation of the National Disability Policy through participation in meetings and provision of advice within its sectors, with a focus on education, livelihoods, transport and accessibility. ·      Increased numbers of people with disability attend school, earn money, use transport and access the built environment 2017
i.      Work towards the implementation of the Inclusive Education Policy. ·      Increased numbers of children with disabilities attend school Ongoing
j.      Collaborate in development of the next National Disability Policy, which will further enact the UNCRPD. ·      Next National Disability Policy is developed in conjunction with DPA. 2015

Goal Two:

To raise awareness of the rights of people with disability.

Activity Areas: Indicators Time Frame
a.    Develop a strategy  for raising awareness of disability rights, including liaison with media and development of information, education and communication (IEC) materials. ·      Awareness raising strategy developed·      IEC materials developed·      Three awareness raising activities implemented each year End 2013
b.    Celebrate key days such as International Day for Persons with Disabilities at the national and local levels. ·      Key days celebrated at the National and Province / Community levels Ongoing
c.     Ensure representation of disability in the celebration of other key dates at the local and national levels, e.g. International Women’s Day, International Childrens Day and others. ·      People with disabilities participate in celebrating 2 non-disability specific days per year Ongoing
d.    Raise awareness of the UNCRPD among people with disabilities, Government agencies, Non Government Organizations, donors and the community. ·      Three events to raise awareness of the UNCRPD are held each year Ongoing

Goal Three:

To assist partners including Government departments, non-government organizations, donors and community groups to support and promote the rights of people with disability.

Activity Areas: Indicators Time Frame
a.    Advocate for partners to include people with disabilities into their work. ·      Three advocacy activities held each year Ongoing
b.    Provide training and technical assistance to partners to increase their capacity to include people with disabilities into their work. ·      Provide training or technical assistance to one partner per year Ongoing
c.     Link projects and initiatives to DPA members to enable people with disabilities to participate. ·      Link one project to DPA members each year Ongoing
d.    Work with the Department of Women’s Affairs, Vanuatu national Council of Women and VANGO to ensure that women with disabilities are included in their programs. ·      Increased numbers of women with disabilities participate in programs of women’s organisations. 2017

Goal Four:

To strengthen the capacity of DPA to continue to implement its work.

Activity Areas: Indicators Time Frame
a.    Establish DPA branches in all provinces. ·      DPA branches established in each province 2015
b.    Build skills and confidence of DPA staff to implement programs and manage the board. ·      DPA staff participate in one training / mentoring opportunity per year Ongoing
c.     Build capacity of DPA staff and volunteers to engage with people with hearing and vision impairment. ·      Increased number of people with hearing and vision impairment participate in DPA activities 2017
d.    Establish a DPA office in Port Vila. ·      DPA office established in Port Vila 2015
e.    Source funding to enable recruitment of staff (including a finance officer and project officer). ·      New finance officer and project officer recruited·      Other new staff recruited as required 2013Ongoing
f.      Maintain existing relationships with donors and develop relationships with new donors. ·      Funding received by two new donors·      Funding continues to be available from existing donors 2017Ongoing

Goal Five:

To build skills of people with disabilities.

Activity Areas: Indicators Time Frame
a.    Provide training to people with disabilities to enable them to set up DPA-affiliate groups in their areas. ·      One training held per year·      One DPA-affiliate groups set up per year Ongoing
b.    Provide training in self advocacy ·      One self advocacy training held every two years·      DPA members understand self-advocacy and feel confident about self-advocating 2015 and 2017
c.     Provide training to raise awareness of the UNCRPD and understanding of how to use it. ·      One UNCRPD training held each year Ongoing
d.    Disseminate information about external training and scholarship opportunities and support people with disabilities in their applications. ·      Three people with disabilities participate in scholarship programs 2017

Promoting an inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society for people with disabilities